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Tree Trimming or Pruning?

What’s the Difference and Why it Matters When people ask for help pruning their trees, many aren’t sure what to ask for. Tree trimming or pruning? They know their trees need work but they don’t how to describe it. Tree service ads don’t help. They use terms such as trimming, cutting, topping, rounding, crowning, heading, […]

Prepare Your Trees for Summer Part 4

Rain and Wind Dynamics Wind forces act upon trees in unique ways depending on the distribution of foliage throughout the entire tree crown as well as along individual branches. Thinning cuts as well as reduction cuts help reduce the drag (wind resistance) on the tree canopy and lower the height of the pressure center to larger […]

Prepare Your Trees for Summer Part 3

Irrigation To prepare your trees for summer, there is nothing more important than proper watering. Doing it well can be a challenge in the desert, but the following tips should help. The first secret of watering desert trees is to know your how well your soil holds water. Because different soils drain differently, they require […]

Prepare Your Trees for Summer Part 2

Staking and Guying After you have selected a great tree, it may be necessary to stake it temporarily until it gets established. Here are some tips on tree staking and guying to help prepare your trees for that first summer wind storm. After planting, only stake or guy your tree if necessary. The goal is […]

Prepare Your Trees for Summer Part 1

Tree Selection and Planting Trees are one of our most valuable assets. They provide shade, energy savings, wildlife habitat, aesthetic beauty and increased property value to our homes, businesses and communities. Here are some tips on tree selection and planting to help prepare your trees for summer.  Start by buying good quality plant stock, preferably […]

Tree Frost Damage Recovery Plan

Pruning out dead leaves and branches at the right time and in the right way is critical to plan t health. Here are some guidelines for getting your frost-damaged plants back on track. When to remove frost-damaged foliage  The best time to remove frost-damaged foliage is after February 15th, the average last day of frost in the Phoenix area. That date can […]

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