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About Integrity

Integrity Tree Service, Inc. is a residential and commercial tree care company serving the Phoenix area since 1989.

For 25 years, our name has been our aim…to provide tree service with integrity. We look forward to helping you with your tree care needs!



“Integrity is completeness or soundness. You have integrity if you complete a job even when no one is looking. You have integrity if you keep your word even when no one checks up on you. You have integrity if you keep your promises. Integrity means the absence of duplicity and is the opposite of hypocrisy. If you are a person of integrity, you will do what you say. What you declare, you will do your best to be. Integrity also includes financial accountability, personal reliability, and private purity. A person with integrity does not manipulate others. He or she is not prone to arrogance or self-praise. Integrity even invites constructive and necessary criticism because it applauds accountability. It’s sound. It’s solid. It’s complete.”
      Charles Swindoll