Integrity Tree ServiceIntegrity Tree Service


Integrity Tree Service, Inc. is a full-service tree care company. We provide:

  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Fertilization
  • Quarterly and Semi-Annual Maintenance Programs
  • Consultation and Problem Diagnosis
  • Educational Workshops

Tree PruningTree Pruning

Pruning is both an art and a science. Integrity Tree Service, Inc. combines both artistic expression and research-based data in making pruning decisions. To guide these decisions, we abide by the ANSI A300 publication, Standard Practices for Pruning. ANSI A300 is the industry standard for proper tree care.

A design precept states that form follows function. The same applies to pruning trees. Beautiful trees are the result of proper tree function. When we can aid that function with the help of good pruning practices, trees are more structurally sound and they also look their best… naturally!

large tree removalTree Removal

From time to time trees need to be removed. Some die or decline beyond recovery. Others outgrow their intended landscape purpose. Often the planting site can no longer contain them. Roots begin to damage walkways, walls or hardscape elements. Even building foundations and plumbing can be threatened. When these things occur, tree removal is often the only solution.

When the decision is made to take down a tree, we start by carefully planning the removal. We inspect the jobsite for hazards, determine how much rigging equipment will be required and if crane assistance is needed. With proper planning, even large, difficult removals can be done safely and efficiently.

Integrity Tree ServiceStump Grinding

Another valuable service we offer is stump grinding. This time-saving service allows us to efficiently remove large stumps to a depth of 8 – 10 inches below grade. This is usually deep enough to break up the root ball and allow replanting in the same location. While some trees are small enough to be dug out by hand, stump grinding is the best option for larger stumps.

Integrity Tree ServiceCabling and Bracing

Certain trees with narrow branch attachments or other structural problems require cabling and bracing. This procedure involves the installation of special hardware to prevent branches from spitting apart. A tree hazard evaluation can determine if cabling and bracing is required.

Integrity Tree ServiceFertilization

Many trees and shrubs in their natural setting don’t require fertilizer or soil amendments to survive. But due to a host of cultural problems in our urban landscapes, trees often need supplemental nutrients to grow and thrive. We offer both deep-root liquid as well as slow-release solid fertilizer applications. To realize the full benefit of fertilization, we also recommend improvement of site conditions, such as soil compaction, poor drainage and high pH.

Integrity Tree Service

Quarterly and Semi-Annual Maintenance Programs

For many customers we recommend a quarterly or semi-annual maintenance program. Some of the benefits include:

1. Pruning specific tree varieties at appropriate times of the year.

  • Deciduous trees in the winter
  • Citrus and other frost-sensitive trees in the spring
  • Damage-prone trees prior to the monsoon storms in the summer
  • Palms in the summer to remove dates and seedpods before they mature and drop
2. Fertilizing specific tree varieties at appropriate times of the year

3. Doing preventive maintenance. Roof, street and sidewalk clearance can be done before branches cause personal injury or damage to buildings. Also, tree stakes and cabling systems can be inspected and adjusted.

Consultation and Problem Diagnosis

Sometimes trees present symptoms that require investigation. Integrity Tree Service, Inc. provides a fee-based consultation service to meet this need for accurate diagnosis of tree health concerns. From insects and diseases to irrigation and soil problems, we assess your situation and provide a written report with our findings including a recommendation for treatment. Services include:

  • Insect and disease identification
  • Tree risk assessment
  • Diagnosing soil and planting site problems
  • Tree preservation during construction
  • Tree appraisal

Educational Workshops

As an educational outreach to the community, Integrity Tree Service, Inc. offers educational workshops on various tree topics. Owner and Certified Arborist, John Eisenhower, specializes in structural pruning and conducts classes on proper tree care. Subjects include:

  1. Tree Selection, Planting and Staking
  2. Structural Pruning of Young and Mature Trees
  3. Tree and Shrub Restoration and Rejuvenation
  4. Living Safely With Trees – Tree Risk Assessment
  5. Preserving Your Community’s Investment in Trees
  6. Disease and Problem Diagnosis and Treatment

These classes are appropriate for seminars, landscape crews, garden clubs or homeowner associations. Please contact us for more details.