Integrity Tree ServiceIntegrity Tree Service

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Integrity Tree Service, Inc. will become the premier, most sought after, tree care provider in Arizona. We will always provide high quality tree service by well-trained employees in a safe work environment. Through continuing education of our employees and compliance with government and industry standards, we will set ourselves apart from our competitors. Our customers will respond to our service with enthusiasm and will refer us to others; this will be our primary method of advertising. We will foster a company environment of teamwork and communication that respects every individual. We will also work closely with others in the green industry, demonstrating the value of partnerships in community service and tree care. We will become an industry leader, an educational resource to our customers, a motivator to our competitors and an asset to the community.


Our Values


We are committed to conducting ourselves with integrity in word, action, and attitude in our relationships with customers, employees, industry peers, and the local community.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to customer satisfaction and to do everything we can to meet and exceed customer expectations. We will provide clearly written proposals and perform our work to the highest level of quality possible. We will not commit to do work for which we are not qualified and we will not recommend work that is not needed. We will attempt to resolve all problems quickly and fairly.

Employee Satisfaction

We are committed to creating an environment that motivates and inspires our employees, and that encourages enthusiasm for and dedication to our profession. We are committed to creating a culture of possibilities, a company that promotes creativity and innovation and permits all employees to challenge the status quo for the improvement of the company.

Employee Development

We are committed to the personal and professional development of our employees by providing opportunities for employee self-improvement and continuing education.


We are committed to creating a company culture of safety as well as safe workplaces. For both our employees and our customers, our aim is an environment of safety and safe environments.


We are committed to perform our work in compliance with all industry standards and government regulations. We will train our employees to understand these compliance requirements and best management practices for the tree industry.


We will not participate in any activities that are illegal or that would in any way damage the reputation or professional image of our company or the tree industry.

Corporate Citizenship

We are committed to giving back to our industry and to our community through volunteer work, community service, charitable giving, trade association membership and industry leadership.