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Customer Testimonials

July 2017
  • "Merrill was very professional, fantastic, impressive, wonderful person. He is tops." Betsy D

  • "The crew was awesome, so careful, courteous, just a terrific crew. I'm always appreciative of John's crews, but this crew was absolutely spectacular!" Sylvia G

  • "Again, the trees look great and the crew did a fantastic job. We'll call for services again next year." GayLynne R

  • "Scott & Eric are great employees, I enjoyed meeting them and am pleased with the work." Jennifer L

  • Cynthia T called to compliment Mike Logan's crew. She is ecstatic with the way her trees look. Crew very genuine and made the tree just look whimsical.

  • "Quite simply the BEST! I have been using Integrity Tree Service for years and have never had anything but stellar service. They are on time, professional and do a great job of cleaning up after themselves. And my trees will vouch for me - they are gorgeous and healthy! I highly recommend Integrity Tree! My team today included: Mike Logan, Chris, Ronnie, Mike Lawrence, Austin, Merrill, Will and David R. Great work guys and thank you SO much!" Peggy B

  • "I had the pleasure of this company trimming my very tall palm trees. The team of David C, David R, Eric Wilson, and Ronnie were led by Merrill. They were quick and efficient workers, cleaned up the big mess very well and were courteous. I could also tell they were acting safely by the way they would never take off their helmets and shout out to each other to watch out when palm fronds dropping to the ground. Highly recommend!" Melissa B

  • "On July 27, 2017, Crew #3 for Integrity Tree Service, led by Sergio, planted 3 trees for us and did a great job. They were very courteous, skilled at their work and cleaned up beautifully before they left. Bryan was also very helpful regarding tree knowledge. My wife and I are very pleased with Integrity's performance." Marc F

  • "I have been using Integrity Tree Service for several years and they continue to deliver excellent service." Carol C

  • "The crew was great (Merrill, Will, David R, and Eric Wilson). They trimmed our tree the correct way; cleaned up all of the debris; and were polite and accommodating throughout the process. We had bargain trimmers do a similar task earlier this year, but there was simply no comparison with the quality of the work done by Integrity." Daniel C

  • "Scott and Eric of Integrity Tree Service did a great Job removing a very aggressive sissoo tree on my property. I highly recommend this company." Barbara R

  • "We just had a substantial amount of tree work done for us by Integrity Tree Service, whom we have used before. Merrill, Will, David R and Eric Wilson all did a great job. They were both thorough and careful as they performed their work and politely listened to and carried out all our requests. Integrity is the only company we use for tree work, they're the best." Marc F

  • "I want to commend the Integrity Tree Service crew that worked at my property today. Merrill, David R, Will and Eric Wilson arrived on time and did a wonderful job with my trees, including clean up. After they were done, Merrill toured the property with me to make sure everything was to my satisfaction and readily undertook a few minor tweaks I requested. Of particular concern to me is my neighbors, who are very sensitive about my trees' impact on their property; Merrill and his crew worked brilliantly with my neighbors to make them as happy as possible. In fact, the neighbors commented to me about how nice and helpful the crew was. The crews are not just knowledgeable about trees; they are also a pleasure to work with. As usual, 5 stars for Integrity Tree Service!" Robert C

  • "I just wanted to compliment Integrity Tree Service on the exceptional work that their crew did in removing a very large tree from our property. My first contact was with Andy. He came to my home and assessed our trees and helped me to make an informed decision to remove an invasive one. On the day of removal, Gerardo, Merrill, David C, and David R. were more than professional. They addressed my concerns regarding the nests that were in the tree. They were also very cautious around our home and the structures on our property. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs tree service." Valerie G

  • "You have heard it said that 'you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear' however -- it happened right here! I live in Scottsdale practically 'in' the very terrible old tree which I merely hoped that the people of Integrity could improve. The first time the men did the normal things one would do for an ordinary tree in an ordinary place. It was good workmanship, but did not help the major problem. I spent some serious time thinking about what might be possible and when the men came the next time, we went 'draconian' and took off a huge amount of the tree. The men were so capable and each one seemed to have a 'good eye'. The tree has turned into something balanced and interesting with touches of fine, long, thin branches here and there. It's a work of art! I am so grateful and delighted. I got out and look at the tree and the few well-trimmed bushes which remain --- and I smile. I am so very grateful to you all who make up this fine Integrity team and I will continue to smile every time I go through my patio to my car -- which is every day several times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My crew was: Mike Logan, Mike S, Alex and Ronnie." Cynthia T

  • "I am very pleased with the work done by Integrity Tree Service. The crew of Mike Logan, Mike S., and Alex were very courteous, explained things very well and did what I asked. The trees look great and they did a good job with cleanup!" Juanita W

  • "Crew did a great job trimming trees on my property. Very professional and did a good job cleaning up before they left. Highly recommended if you need their service." Todd G

  • "Thanks to Integrity Tree Service for fast service removing a tree that was destroyed by a storm. The men worked quickly and cleaned up well afterwards." Joe P

  • "Excellent service. They know their business." Jack D

  • "After a couple of scheduling hiccups....great work...courteous crew did a great job, quickly... with great clean up! I will always recommend Integrity Tree Service!" Kathy O

  • "Excellent tree trimming service." Joanne B

  • "I had a wonderful experience with integrity tree service. The crew Merrill, David C, David R, were on time, polite and knowledgeable about the trees in my yard. They ask questions and listened to my concerns about my trees. Then cut them beautifully. They did a great job cleaning up all the debris afterward. Leaving my trees and yard in tip top shape. I would definitely recommend and use this company again." Vicky B

  • "Excellent service by Sergio, Mike Logan, David R., Frisco, and Scott. Good job done." Michael E

  • "We just had a large number of desert trees in our yard trimmed by Integrity Tree Service. I was very pleased with the courtesy and professionalism of all employees we had interaction with. Roy originally came out to review the job and work up the quote. He was pleasant to work with and seemed to be very knowledgeable. As promised, he accompanied the work crew first thing this morning to again walk the property discussing how the trimming was to be done. The crew who did the work were Sergio, Mike Logan, David R and Victor. I observed a fair amount of the work as they were trimming and was certainly impressed with the care and knowledge displayed as they carefully selected the best cuts. I feel that they did an excellent job and we will definitely have them back." Trudy M

  • "Integrity Tree Service has been trimming our trees for the past three years. They have kept our trees healthy - removing dead and weak limbs - and opening their canopies to the movement of air. The trees also look so much better as the crews enhance their shape by selective pruning. Roy has directed the visits each time. During this visit Crews # 1 and 2 (led by Merrill and Will and including David C and David R) carried out the work. They were excellent! I highly recommend Integrity Tree Service!" Suzanne R

  • "Integrity Tree Service, including ALL team members, continues to provide professional, friendly, competent and caring service. We've used them for four years now and couldn't be happier with their overall performance and the consistently high degree of experience and knowledge. We recommend them when the opportunity arises. This year's fertilization and pruning team was great - as all the teams have been. Thanks to Merrill, Victor and Will; and the office ladies - Terrie, Sonja and Michelle, their efforts to meet our every need. Simple things like understanding my limited schedule for service times and honoring my concerns about preserving a nest in our tree (which was of equal concern to the team! YAY!!) become major reasons to applaud and recommend Integrity Tree Service! Looking forward to continuing our excellent relationship with them for years to come." Carol S

  • "I was most impressed with the entire tree removal process. I was told exactly what the cost would be, how it would be done, and when it would be scheduled. I was given a schedule of events and Integrity followed it to the letter. In addition, all personnel that interacted with me were personable and straightforward. Merrill worked closely with us and is an excellent representative. When the work was being performed, the team leader was outstanding in explaining and discussing the process. I am sorry I can't remember his name because he deserves recognition for his interaction and help." Robert P

  • "Excellent job of doing a major pruning on our large Palo Brea tree. Merrill, Will, Victor worked steadily in the heat. We are pleased with the result." John S

  • "Integrity Tree Service helped us with a very difficult situation. Not only were they very professional and knowledgeable, but most importantly, they were very understanding about why we needed to have our tree trimmed in the manner we requested. Sergio, Mike Logan, and Victor did a great job as they expertly and efficiently trimmed my mature mesquite tree (they also disposed of the branches and cleaned the area in the backyard where they worked). Sergio also took the time to explain what their process and answer all of our questions. I am so grateful to the expertise of Andy who provided the original consultation, and Sergio, Mike, and Victor who completed the work. Thank you again Integrity for your understanding, assistance, and expertise." Rachelle A

  • "We have used Integrity Tree Service for several years, and have always been pleased with the service and the crews. Merrill, Will and Travis were here yesterday for our annual service and did an excellent job, and with a good attitude! We recommend Integrity to our friends at every opportunity." Tom H

  • "Great team efficient friendly and detail oriented-beautiful work! Sergio was great-Marcos, David C Chris & Will fantastic." Catherine G
June 2017
  • "You have all been great to work with. The crew that came out on Friday was awesome." Kevin H.

  • "The crew did a great job and my yard looks beautiful." Stefanie L .

  • "They were professional, courteous and skilled at what they do, I could not be more impressed with the quality of work you provide. From the first call with Terrie, to Roy then Michelle, it’s been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to using you more in the future." Jason, Azul-Verde

  • "Roy must be a very valuable employee, he is one of the best and the nicest guy!" Susan S.

  • "Sarah M is the arborist who has visited our property and shared her expertise with us. She is excellent and is the person we depend on to guide our trees to good health. The members of the crew who used the "air spade" to correct the "root girdling" on our two mesquites did a very good job on a very dusty task. We are seeing improved health on both trees. The crew of Merrill M, David C, Victor L, and David R just completed pruning and thinning 3 of our trees and did a very thorough and professional job. They were on time, worked diligently, consulted me before, during, and after completing their tasks and I'm sure did what was necessary to allow our trees to make it through any upcoming monsoon storms. I don't remember how many "professional, experienced tree trimmers" have worked on our trees during the 15 years we've lived in North Phoenix, but I have never been more pleased with the results or more confident that the job was done right. We've found a professional firm on which we can count. That says it all." Rob H.

  • "I had a crew at my house to grind a stump. They came in the time frame I was given, did their job quickly and completely. They removed all of the sawdust and filled in the hole with soil from my yard." Douglas H.

May 2017
  • "Integrity Tree Service does amazing work! I trusted their knowledgeable, certified arborists with my sweet acacia and am pleased with the results." Linda T.

  • "We use Integrity Tree Service - wonderful arborist John Eisenhower. They may have a minimum, though, so could be less affordable for a single tree. We just had them do all three of our huge trees." Kathy & Laird B.

  • "Compliments to the crew!" Dan K.

  • "The trees at my house & neighbor, Margaret Levit, look terrific. The guys did a great job." Marion M.

  • "Sergio, Marcos, David C, and Will did a great job. The clean-up was great. You have some good guys working for you." Nancy G.

  • "I use Integrity Tree Service and am extremely satisfied. They won't even put a diseased tree through their chopper to protect the environment from spores contaminating other trees or plants. They simply placed the dead tree in their dump trucks." Gary A.

  • "Your crew did some work for me today. Must say, Sergio is a dream to work with (actually all of your guys are) but he truly impressed me today! He is doing you Proud!" Cindy M.

  • "Integrity Tree Service is professional service with degreed arborists...absolutely the best in the business. We have used them for many years." Thomas and Maureen P.